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why are people gagga over “Goblet of Fire”?

$5 of $9 value. Skip the theatre … see it on DVD. The series is improving but I am still waiting for the Harry Potter to show some sign of being a good wizard. He has always seemed to me to be a C-student who have some friends that are A- and B- students that always seem to pull him out of trouble. Think about the Triwizard Tournament – did Harry actually do any research, or performed any deed that really resulted in him deserving the win?

  • Dragons – Ron and Hermonie gave warning and solution (There is that usual bit of flying around on broomsticks that HP did on his own – I guess all those Quidditch matches that end up in half-destroyed buildings paid off)
  • Mermaids – Our helpful villian planted the clue and the solution.
  • Maze – The villian helped HP find the cup.

Lets talk about the whole rigging of the TriWizard Tournament just to get HP to a certain location. Can anyone explain why the villian simply just didn’t hand HP any object magicked up as a portal key? Why go through all this overwrought rigging and drama?

This ‘fame’ within the movies that he has always seem to be overdone and grating. “Oh are you the famous Harry Potter?” Yes, yes I know he is supposed to be famous because he survived Lord Voldemort. But quick – name anybody in the real world who has fame for surviving something that lasts more than 5 minutes. Fame based on something other than deeds has a half-life measured in minutes, but yet Harry Potter’s fame has lasted over 15 years. May be there is something in the books that can explain it but certainly the movies don’t.

Fortunately the totally worthless aunt, uncle and cousin story line is completely gone. Hopefully permanently.

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  1. Nick says

    Have you read any of the HP Books? The tournement was rigged by Crouch’s son so that Harry could survive long enough to touch the Triwizard Cup to be able to see Voldemort’s return to power, so that Voldemort could kill Harry, but can’t because, well Harry Potter is a special Boy.

    But I do agree that spending $9+ in the dirty noisy movie theatre is a bit much.

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