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Where to start learning Java if you are a PHP person?

Over at StackOverflow, the question was asked : Where to start with Java when coming from PHP?

PHP5 has the concept of objects, interfaces and exceptions. These are similar enough to Java’s version of objects, interfaces and exceptions for basic learning purposes.

Once you get the PHP5 equivalent understood then crossover to Java.

Since everyone starts with a Hello world program,

  1. Set up eclipse (J2EE version)
  2. Use the Java tooling to create a new class that is your Hello world.
  3. Figure out the basics of debugging with eclipse
  4. Figure out the basics of objects, interfaces, exceptions and inheritance.
  5. Understand the basic language differences PHP vs. Java’s
  6. Understand the differences between a static typed language and the dynamic-typed languages that you are used to.
  7. Learn the classes in java.lang.* and java.util.* packages.

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