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Tell Jerry McNerney why we need health care reform

Help make the case for health care reform! Tell Jerry McNerney D-CA11 your story.

This is mine:

I am an entrepreneur starting my own company in Silicon Valley. I am reliant on expensive COBRA coverage for my own health care needs. COBRA runs out in a few months.

Without health insurance I will be forced to shutdown my company and my dream, and find another job building someone else’s dream.

I can’t afford to pay any health care for employees. So ironically I have to hire contractors from countries that do have universal health care. (or at least cheaper health care). Hiring anyone in the U.S. is too costly. Even if someone can work for minimum wage and equity, most software engineers will not do without health care insurance.

The best economic stimulus that Washington could enact is to take the economic burden of health care costs off the backs of small business and their employees. Enable people to realize their dreams without taking a chance on their health!

Not having to pay $13,000 – $15,000 / employee / year is a huge, huge, huge economic aid! For my own company this would have saved $40,000. This $40,000 could have been spent hiring people.

Jerry’s original email message:

Dear Patrice,

We’re in the midst of an historic debate on health care and closer than ever to enacting major reform.

Many of you participated in the health care survey I began circulating in April or in the telephone town hall on health care I held recently with almost 5,000 participants. Your thoughts and comments are appreciated and offer great insight.

Unfortunately, as you’ve probably heard, there are those in our country who want to block an open debate on health care. We shouldn’t lose the opportunity to have a productive and respectful conversation about the future of health care in this country.

I am not deterred by the current challenges or by those who seek to scare people into believing myths about the great changes we can make to the health care system.

I need your help to continue. We must stand together to create great change – our voices must rise above the din of misinformation.

Will you please sign my petition to show your support for health care reform?

I will continue to reach out to hear from you. Over the past month, I’ve traveled throughout the district to meet with small business owners, seniors, doctors and nurses. I’ve toured healthClick to watch video care facilities, including hospitals, clinics and local practices so that I can see our health care resources firsthand.

During my health care listening tour, I’ve heard again and again from people who are ready for change to our health care system. During these tough times no one should have the additional burden of worrying if they’ll have health care when their family needs it most.

I’m working hard to find a uniquely American solution to the problems of our current health care system. Every family should have access to high quality and affordable health care. We should crack down on insurance abuses such as preventing people with pre-existing conditions from accessing coverage. Every citizen should be able to choose the doctor they want to see and be free to make their own decisions on care for themselves and their families.

The fight isn’t an easy one. I am being attacked for my support of health care reform. I need your support during this crucial time.

Please take a moment to sign my petition, and if you’re able, consider a donation to the campaign so I have the resources to continue the fight.

The other side will use any means possible to continue their fear campaign against reform, including distortions, lies, and intimidation to stop us. We cannot allow this to happen.

We’re in this together.

Thank you for all that you do,
Congressman Jerry McNerney

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