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Stop the privatization of social safety net!

Can we stop the bleeding heart liberal who sees the symptom but the wrong solution?


In the Great Depression unemployment in the U.S. peaked at 24.9% in 1933. Imperial County today has an unemployment rate of 26.9% closely followed by counties like Merced and Yuba at 18% – you can see the sobering Central Valley stats here and a map of California’s unemployment rate by county here.


When you are approached by a friend to give to the non-profits trying to help please give.


It is time to stop with the privatization of the social safety net.

When approached by that friend, demand as a condition of giving that *both* you and that friend write to your congress critter.

Demand that health care reform be passed. ( See earlier post )

Demand that unemployment benefits be modified so that the newly employed who are now newly unemployed are covered. Right now you have to be employed for a majority of the past 18 months to get any benefits.

Demand that the Employee Free Choice Act be passed. (EFCA makes it easier for employees to for unions, and stops companies from retaliating against employees.)

Stop buying into the idea that a few pennies thrown into a bucket will somehow replace a legitimate social safety net provided by the government.

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