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Sometrics (Facebook AppCamp)


Sometrics (missing card right now)

Claim to give better data on who the best users are.

social metrics – sometrics

more than just traffic
— impressions, uniques, visits … go deeper.

only 10 friends but converts 10 friends — they will have metrics based on action.

some limitations becuse of f8 TOS.

So application could change based on time of day. One of sometric customers didn’t know spread of sex / age distribution.

sometric will also look at location.

sometric is anonymizing and hashing and aggregate the data.

f8 touch points -where in f8 wall, feeds, email, profile wide/narrow, request invite

can’t measure unless pings over to canvas pages.

Users engagement
— Power users — certain actions indicate power users.
2 different power users : influencder – can drive application installs and drive back to canvas page.
in future sometrics will configure and define app

80% case from average user or power users —
average user or power users — who has greater influence?

applications can be able to take the application dates

active users daily/yesterday active change %.

type of users:
power users
viewer (lurker)

rock you — aggressively uses notifications for first few days. but then turns it off once uptake is above a certain level.

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