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Pride before the fall?

Mark Z. (facebook) says everything should be public. Mark Z. does not know about Rebecca Schaeffer. Before she was murdered by a stalker, “no one” cared about the privacy issues around California selling driver license information to anyone.

Before identity theft became a huge problem, “no one” cared that every tom-dick-and-harry business was using social security numbers as account numbers.

Before 9/11, “no one” cared about terrorism at the deeply personal level.

The fundamental danger is that Mark Z. is completely unprepared for the reality that societies acceptance of what is o.k. can and does shift. Sometimes slowly, some times in one day.

Arrogance and indifference is blinding.

I won’t predicate the demise of Facebook. But if I was a facebook investor, this would be a little worrying. I sense a bit of an echo machine within Facebook.

If government law changes to demand privacy will facebook be able to respond?

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  1. Dave Doolin says

    Why does everyone seem bent on rushing back to the monkey pack mentality of high school? I don’t get it.

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