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Passes spellchecker!

Here are some of my favorite “passes-spellchecker” screw-ups:

Mis-ism Real meaning where
sever instead of server
fist instead of first
“Mint just announced its $170 million acquisition by Inuit this week!” Eskimos are savvy 🙂 @vatortv
“We have to go back to understanding the browser is a malicious environment. We lost site of that.” Yes, browsers are used to visit sites but I didn’t expect them to lose sight of those sites! HTML5 security article
Such suites should demand a complete discovery, something that wastes 1000’s of man-hours of the firm’s time Perhaps a different hotel suite should be used? Oh you meant [law]suits! copyright discussion
This checksum will be compared server-side to make sure that all post data sent to the API server made it there in tact Tactful data is good, but maybe was talking about intact data? dev documentation
How do I get users to ‘sing up’ maybe you would rather they sign up? dev group
Product Manger Is this a position for managing the Three Wise Men? Or did the person mean they were a Product Manager? Too many resumes
We are suing Cisco because they have the best routers. Perhaps you should be using Cisco routers rather than suing?

I will add to this post as I come across new entries!

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