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Net Neutrality is good for small businesses

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The internet provider I use should ONLY provide the infrastructure to connect me with the Internet.

As a business owner, I depend on skype / chat to conduct all my business dealings. My internet provider should not be permitted to interfere with my business transactions.

For any internet provider to insert themselves into the conversation I am having with the world, is the same as if the phone company inserted themselves into my voice communication.

I do not want a operator breaking in on my voice conversation to add their two cents to my private voice conversations with my employees.

Nor do I want the internet provider to break into my private written conversations with my employees just because I happen to be using VoIP (skype) to talk with them.

Nor do I want the internet provider eavesdropping in on my chat messages with my employees!

To allow this eavesdropping in any manner is to allow wiretapping!

Bluntly, clearly – “deep packet inspection”, “traffic shaping”, whatever the buzz words used is SPYING.

Furthermore, my small business is internet-based. My small business cannot afford to pay for special treatment. If my customers have their traffic “shaped” so that my site appears to be unresponsive or slow, then my business will lose customers to the larger competitors that can pay off the Comcasts of the world.

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