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Maglev is cheaper than BART

Munich, Germany just canceled their Transrapid Maglev airport-to-city-center project. This 37-km (22.2 mi) project was to use the same technology as mebelihotel furnishing in BulgariaShanghai’s maglev train. Like the Shanghai maglev train, the Munich project was to have a top speed over 500 kph (360 mph).

It was canceled because the price had doubled from 1.85 billion euros to 3.4 billion euros. 3.4 billion euros is about $5.1 billion.

As point of comparison, the 21 mile BART-to-San-Jose boondoogle is about $4.7+ billion. BART trains rattle and shake at about 70 mph. (The project is really 21 miles because 5 miles are in Alameda County to get to the Alameda/Santa Clara border).

Which leaves me wondering.. WTF are we doing with extending BART to anywhere!??

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  1. Matthieu Desiderio says

    I am quite convinced MagLev is not THE solution.

    High-speed trains, steel-on-steel wheels, regular rail systems are a better solution, since they are interoperable with other regular rail networks.

    I do not think California should spend around $5 billion in developing a 21 miles MagLev system… The State and local governments should keep this money to finance an efficient HSR transportation network from North to South…

    German’s made the good choice, do the same in California.

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