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Installing private ruby gem in rails project using heroku

If you have a private gem, deploying to heroku can be frustrating.. In my case, I do not have even a server so I am not looking (yet) to set up a private rubygem server. I just have another project on my machine that I would like to reuse as a gem.

Could not find gem ‘pgw’ ( >= 0, runtime)’ in any of the gem sources listed in your Gemfile

I tried Ole Morten Amundsen’s method, but it didn’t ( quite ) work (see below)

Magic directory method

  1. mkdir -p vendor/cache
  2. bundle update
  3. git add -A
  4. git commit -m"whatever"
  5. git push heroku master

All the gems public or private are installed into the vendor/cache directory.


  1. Simple.
  2. It works.
  3. Also allows for a locked down deployment (? not completely certain on this because heroku does report “Installing …” for all the gems including the private gem)


  1. All the gems used are installed, not just the single gem that is not available on rubyforge.
  2. Magicalness feels like a possible bug. (Note: I am using bundler 1.0.13) so it may not work in future
  3. git bloat – all the external gems and dependencies are now part of your repo.
  4. Possible issues with machine specific deployments with other gems? ( not certain about this – but flagging it as a possibility )

Ole Morten Amundsen variant

  1. gem unpack pgw --target vendor/gems
  2. edit Gemfile to explicitly list the gem version and supply the path
    gem "pgw", "0.0.3", :path =>"{#File.expand_path(__FILE__)}/../vendor/gems/"
  3. bundle install --local
  4. git add -A
  5. git commit -m"whatever"
  6. git push heroku master

The resulting Gemfile.lock will have this:

  remote: vendor/gems
    pgw (0.0.3)

...(everything else ) ...


  1. Feels more like the intended process
  2. Only extra code is the private gem ‘pgw’ – none of the standard ruby gems are added to the project.


  1. More typing
  2. Have to include specific version number in the Gemfile – so harder to ensure against an accidental release with old version of gem.
  3. “unpacking” seems lame. Is there a way to keep the ‘pgw’ gem as a .gem file?


  1. Is there an easy way to move the gems to my master project other than gem unpack?
  2. should the gem be put in vendor/bundle since that is the default BUNDLE_PATH?

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