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if sun would just start selling solutions

So Sun keeps on trying to sell me boxes. I don’t need OpenSolaris, I need solutions! What is the difference? OpenSolaris requires someone who knows how to configure it, manage it, secure it, and adjust it for performance. But newsflash here! I am not a system admin. I am not a dba. And wait for it… I don’t want to be. I am a java developer and all I want for Christmas is a cheap ‘hobbyist’ hosting solution. Such a system will be perfectly adequate until Amplafi has the traffic to justify a more ‘serious’ solution.

Today I can get:

  • PHP
  • (some) webserver to deliver the content
  • MySQL
  • Zero DBA experience required.
  • Zero SysAdmin Knowledge needed(you don’t get a commandline anyhow)
  • A just-upload-and-run-experience
  • ~$10/month

Why can’t Sun deliver the same thing only running Java 1.6?

Why is that a hosted java application costs a minimum of $80/month? This is so wrong.

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