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if I should bet on fools

I got to love this site that advertises on places like NewsMax which is for denial-of-reality people. Using the what goes-down-must-go-up inverted law of gravity, the website says:

Let’s say you decide to err on the side of Iraqi prosperity. You take advantage of the 100 year low value and buy 2 million Iraqi dinars. You look them over, admire them, and show them to some friends as a curiosity. The security features alone will have them enthralled. Then you stick them in a closet and go about your life.

A few years from now, you see a program on A&E portraying the lives of average Iraqis. You see people drinking locally bottled, genuine Pepsi Cola; not the ersatz they’d been consuming for years. They are buying their cars from Baghdad Mitsubishi.

Their highly educated engineers, no longer waiting tables or driving cabs, are engineering. The world’s 2nd largest oil reserve is producing more efficiently. Higher quality crops are being harvested, in larger numbers.

You discover that things are going well enough in Iraq to have raised the value of the the dinar to one US cent.

Your $2100 purchase would now be valued at $20,000.

If the dinar were to climb to a dime, you’ve got two hundred thousand dollars in your closet. What if it were to reach a dollar? Or rebound to it’s peak of over $3.00? Do you dare continue to keep your dinars in the closet?

Of course this is assuming that the Iraqi government doesn’t devalue their currency and no longer honor it. How much are those Confederate dollars worth, those Third Reich marks, or Wiemar Republic marks?

But to all of you still believing in the Iraqi (mis) adventure I would like to encourage you to go to that site and experience in person the fraud that is Operation Iraq Liberation Freedom.

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