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how much Ron Gonzalas can “shock” me

The Murky reports that:

Mayor Ron Gonzales “volunteered” Wednesday to be replaced on a transportation advisory board he has chaired since 2002.

Gonzales’ latest move comes after he stunned many last week by showing up to chair [the Silicon Valley Rapid Transit Policy Advisory Board] Valley Transportation Authority advisory board. Until then, many of his colleagues believed he had been forced to resign from all such posts as punishment for his role in procuring a controversial contract amendment for Norcal Waste Systems.

This is the board that is guiding Mr. Ron Gonzalas pet BART-to-San-Jose project into multi-billion dollar cost overruns before construction even starts. I guess he just couldn’t bear the possibility of not being there to stroke his pet before he left office.

Apparently this board members realize what a mess the BART project is:

Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty, who sits on the VTA’s 10-member Silicon Valley Rapid Transit Corridor Advisory Board, said that while he was surprised Gonzales showed up at last week’s meeting, he was not disappointed. Haggerty, who like Gonzales is a BART-to-San Jose backer, said that without the San Jose mayor, work at the advisory board had ground to a halt. It couldn’t even muster a quorum for the previous two meetings

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