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Forgetting minor things (like people and maintenance)

Müngstener Bridge over River Wupper is a beautiful old bridge built in 1894-1897. It has deteriorated because of deferred maintenance. The renovation will cost 30 million euros and only extend the bridge’s lifespan by 25 years. The bridge may have to be entirely replaced or the line closed.
The I-35W bridge collapse
in Minneapolis, MN in August 2007

This is in Germany which has a better record than the US with regards to infrastructure maintenance. Naturally, in the US, we just wait for the inevitable.

What started this post was the humorous note in the IRJ June 2011:

The reopening of the 107m-high Müngstener bridge over the River Wupper, which has been closed for renovation, has been delayed because of a miscalculation. German Rail (DB) had forgotten to include the weight of passengers in the train weight.

The larger story makes it a little less funny.

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