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Even for the web the pain of installed software exists

Years ago I worked on code that was shipped to customers for them to install on their computers. THe amount of testing needed across all sorts of configurations was painfully and annoying. Then the web came along and life was (mostly good).

Of course the asterisks on the “mostly” good was caused by Internet Explorer’s determination to be different than every other browser (and often different even with itself running on different OSes).

But then Microsoft actually started caring about web standards, jquery helped mask the browser differences and life was now good.

Except now… We are shipping our Social Marketing Plugin, which has to content with:

  • Different versions of PHP
  • Different web servers (apache, nginx)
  • Other plugins messing with things
  • Different versions of WordPress
  • Different configurations with regards to what is writeable
  • Different ability to do things like send email

Argh… even on the web there is the pain of installed software.

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