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In praise of Javascript’s undefined

One of the unique[*] features of javascript is two different ways to represent ‘no value’: null and undefined. [*] = unique as many popular languages do not have both null and undefined. In my years and years of programming Java, … Continue reading

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Even for the web the pain of installed software exists

Years ago I worked on code that was shipped to customers for them to install on their computers. THe amount of testing needed across all sorts of configurations was painfully and annoying. Then the web came along and life was … Continue reading

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Indifference to process leads to Mozilla contributor departing

Tyler Downer announced he was no longer contributing to Mozilla because the Mozilla bug triaging process was being sacrificed on the altar of “rapid release”. Tyler likes the idea of the Rapid Release, but rather the tools to handle bug … Continue reading

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Don’t jump into a project, wade in

When starting a new programming task (or company 😉 ), it is very tempting to just plunge in and start coding (or doing) right away. The release early-and-often mentality encourages this approach. Documentation becomes optional and design is seat-of-the-pants. Hard-lessons … Continue reading

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