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Quick and dirty upgrading a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) when then there is bad data

One of the under-appreciated, but very important, parts of running a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business is the upgrade path. This is particularly hard when you are trying to be a lean startup. The pure SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) model means “no installed” software … Continue reading

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Does the javascript community have a repository

Apple, Microsoft, Google, Adobe, et. al. install software have automatic code to handle pushing out security fixes. On the development side, Java has maven or ivy to retrieve dependent jars from various public repositories. Ruby has even better dependency retrieval … Continue reading

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Always check twice

You should always double check your timing testing methodology. Robbie Ferguson got very excited about: So I thought, let’s run the world’s simplest test: how fast does wget receive the jQuery library on Linux? It may not be a realistic … Continue reading

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Code Review #9 : The importance of doing the small things right

Do the small things right. Make sure your craftmanship shows pride. The code “working” is not enough. The craftmanship. The attention to detail is equally important. Part of the way that Steve Jobs made Apple great is his insistance on … Continue reading

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10gui window management not innovative enough

A friend suggested that I look at the R. Clayton Miller’s 10gui video (2009) for ideas on window management and interaction. The video makes some interesting observations about human-computer interactions (HCI): mice excel at pointing on the screen without obstructing … Continue reading

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A criminal says trust is stupid but security “experts” trust

Sam Antar, convicted white collar criminal, says trusting is stupid clearly and explicitly: President Ronald Reagan said: “Trust, but verify.” As a convicted felon, I say: “Don’t trust, just verify.” “Verify, verify, verify.” As a criminal, I considered people’s humanity … Continue reading

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Indifference to process leads to Mozilla contributor departing

Tyler Downer announced he was no longer contributing to Mozilla because the Mozilla bug triaging process was being sacrificed on the altar of “rapid release”. Tyler likes the idea of the Rapid Release, but rather the tools to handle bug … Continue reading

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Excellent Css tools

Here are some websites I have found useful when learning css: Css3 tutorial via Css Tricks: Button Maker Update ( 28 July 2011 ) : Now for some excellent tools: Sass ( ) Compass … Continue reading

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Installing private ruby gem in rails project using heroku

If you have a private gem, deploying to heroku can be frustrating.. In my case, I do not have even a server so I am not looking (yet) to set up a private rubygem server. I just have another project … Continue reading

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Use Subclasses and alternative interface implementations to reduce “future” bugs

One of the little-appreciated consequences of subclassing or alternative implementations of Java interfaces is to reduce or eliminate “future bugs”. “Future bugs” are bugs that are currently not wrong, but will cause problems in the future. Every conditional ( if, … Continue reading

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