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Autonomous vehicles are solving a hard non-existent problem

Humans are actually pretty good drivers because they instinctively understand other humans. Computers instinctively understand nothing about humans so the computer’s ability to predict what happens next is nil. Examples: A human is driving down a street and a bouncing … Continue reading

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What is old is new again

What is old is new again This post about “front-end microservices” appeared on hacker news. This is the original “portal” idea that was used back in the 1996-2000 days of Yahoo. I have used this technique at companies that need … Continue reading

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Will cosmic radiation impose a maximum on computer functionality?

This IEEE article: How To Kill A Supercomputer: Dirty Power, Cosmic Rays, and Bad Solder — Will future exascale supercomputers be able to withstand the steady onslaught of routine faults? Cosmic rays are a fact of life, and as transistors … Continue reading

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XML is not bad, just misused

There is the usual grumbling on Hacker News about XML The problem isn’t with XML the problem is with the way it is used (or rather misused). What are XMLs strengths: Valid files are definable. i.e. this element has a … Continue reading

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Do not let client code pick ids

I am having a discussion over on Meteor Hacks about how bad it is to let the client code pick ids. The meteorhacks post shows how to make new items show up in a sample Meteor program before the server … Continue reading

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In praise of Javascript’s undefined

One of the unique[*] features of javascript is two different ways to represent ‘no value’: null and undefined. [*] = unique as many popular languages do not have both null and undefined. In my years and years of programming Java, … Continue reading

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Code review #10: No emailed code questions

[Update #1: below is added in response to Hersh’s comment] Developers have this: “I am too busy to comment” “Comments are a waste of time because no one reads them” “What should I say? (read this previous post about commenting … Continue reading

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Ask for code samples, skip the coding tests during the interview

I always ask for code samples when interviewing a new technical candidate. I rarely ask for people to code during an interview. Asking people to code well can easily become an exercise in how well they have a language memorized. … Continue reading

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Even for the web the pain of installed software exists

Years ago I worked on code that was shipped to customers for them to install on their computers. THe amount of testing needed across all sorts of configurations was painfully and annoying. Then the web came along and life was … Continue reading

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SocialMarketing WordPress plugin version released

A really great feeling: Our second update to the plugin. This time the server is forcing the plugin to upgrade. Fixed configuration issues with languages that require UTF-8 ( Thai ). (Categories were not properly registering on the server) When … Continue reading

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