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Tell Jerry McNerney why we need health care reform

Help make the case for health care reform! Tell Jerry McNerney D-CA11 your story. This is mine: I am an entrepreneur starting my own company in Silicon Valley. I am reliant on expensive COBRA coverage for my own health care … Continue reading

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a national health care system: good for business

What I told Obama about health care reform. Add your voice to mine please! I have been working for 2 years on my own business. During this time frame my wife and I have had to pay for our own … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Gift giving: invert the money/time ratio

Rather than spend money this mothers day; try this: Spend the least money and the most time. For most gifts the ratio: money-spent /time-spent > 20. That is for every dollar spent only 1 hour was spent. Try reversing that … Continue reading

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Yet another reason not to be near Dubai

In an earlier blog post, I pointed out that Dubai was a place that simply was too dangerous to think about visiting: British resident Cat Le-Huy was arrested in Dubai for carrying Melatonin jet-lag tablets, which are sold over the … Continue reading

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Empathy and professional victims (reply to Jason Calacanis)

Jason Calacanis’ recent email (“We Live in Public (and the end of empathy)” ) talked about the lack of empathy and caring on the internet. Empathy has been taking a hit for a long time. Remember that seeing executions used … Continue reading

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Dubai: Some places just are not worth visiting…

UAE (Dubai) just made the list of places I would never want to be near: British tourist Keith Brown was sentenced to four years in prison after Dubai customs officers found a 0.003g trace of cannabis stuck to his shoe. … Continue reading

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Not a fun day in China

1 earthquake + 28 major aftershocks! (as of Tue May 13 2:00:03 UTC 2008) 1 earthquake + 23 major aftershocks! (as of May 12, 2008 at 20:30 UTC)   MAG UTC DATE-TIMEy/m/d h:m:s LATdeg LONdeg DEPTHkm  Region MAP  5.3   … Continue reading

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Thinking about working/living in Greece?

From an American struggling to survive in Greece for ten years through thick and mostly thin: I have a university education and 10 years professional experience in my field in the U.S. and Europe, which supposedly helps me beat out … Continue reading

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