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Category Archives: social commentary

  1. LinkedIn has lost its Vision March 26, 2016

    Posted in great ideas, management, social commentary.

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  2. Do Something: Tom’s legacy (my remarks at my best friend’s memorial service) January 24, 2013

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  3. Luddites are right January 22, 2013

    Posted in management, social commentary.

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  4. Dear Amazon October 22, 2012

    Posted in social commentary, starting a company.

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  5. How Google can be part of the Mountain View Community October 17, 2011

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  6. Banking East Coast Dress Code June 19, 2011

    Posted in random silliness, social commentary.

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  7. Sri lanka and the Us. May 18, 2011

    Posted in political, social commentary.

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  8. only the poor understand Jesus May 17, 2011

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  9. Privacy is best offline March 14, 2011

    Posted in privacy, social commentary.

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  10. Internet businesses should pay sales tax January 30, 2011

    Posted in political, rants, social commentary.

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  11. Tell Jerry McNerney why we need health care reform August 21, 2009

    Posted in political, social commentary, starting a company.

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  12. a national health care system: good for business May 20, 2009

    Posted in social commentary.

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  13. Mother’s Day Gift giving: invert the money/time ratio May 7, 2009

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  14. Yet another reason not to be near Dubai February 14, 2009

    Posted in overseas.

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  15. Empathy and professional victims (reply to Jason Calacanis) January 28, 2009

    Posted in privacy, social commentary.

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  16. Dubai: Some places just are not worth visiting… October 15, 2008

    Posted in overseas, political.

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  17. Not a fun day in China May 12, 2008

    Posted in overseas.

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  18. Thinking about working/living in Greece? April 10, 2008

    Posted in overseas.

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