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LinkedIn has lost its Vision

The Promise A few years ago, I worked at LinkedIn. At that time, Reid Hoffman had a very clear vision for LinkedIn. LinkedIn was “Resume 2.0” for the middle managers and the professional individual contributors who really make businesses function. … Continue reading

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Do Something: Tom’s legacy (my remarks at my best friend’s memorial service)

On Christmas 2012, my best friend from high school committed suicide. He sent a final goodbye email to many people. In that email, he didn’t blame anyone. He was incredibly considerate for other people’s feelings even in death. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Luddites are right

Timothy Geigner (giggling fool) gets a good titter in at Techdirt I love luddites. … Those examples aside, I have to admit this is a new one for me. Apparently there once were radios that you had to wind up … Continue reading

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Dear Amazon

My open letter to Amazon in response to Amazon randomly cutting off and erasing purchases off a user’s Kindle (GigaOm reminds you that Amazon is just renting the books to you): Just wanted to let you know that I am … Continue reading

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How Google can be part of the Mountain View Community

On Wednesday 12 October 2011, Google participated in a Civility Roundtable in Mountain View. Google was the only large company to participate. For all others, paying taxes is their only participation in the community. That meeting was the first step. … Continue reading

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Banking East Coast Dress Code

From FINS, a Financial Industry website, on how to dress For Men If you are a sell-side analyst, you will be wearing a suit everyday. That means you need to invest in good-quality suits in a variety of colors. When … Continue reading

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Sri lanka and the Us.

Tim Geithner talks about how the US is declining into the 3rd world.: Here are five facts that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner offered in a speech in New York Tuesday (May 17 2011) as “context for the [fiscal] choices we … Continue reading

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only the poor understand Jesus

Homeless Chicago Man Donates Thousands to Down-On-Her-Luck Banker A year ago, everything was going right for a woman we’ll call Sandy. But then the world came crashing down around the 39-year-old. She lost her job. She lost her house. And … Continue reading

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Privacy is best offline

Art Petty Eric Rodriguez has a blog post about being fired for what is said on Facebook.: Dan Leone is the perfect example; he was a stadium operations manager for the Philadelphia Eagles, and in 2009 when he found out … Continue reading

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Internet businesses should pay sales tax

Update (15 April 2011) : O.k. boy did I miss the boat on this one. As as been pointed out in a series of comments on techcrunch ( I would post the link to the techcrunch post except with facebook … Continue reading

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