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XML is not bad, just misused

There is the usual grumbling on Hacker News about XML The problem isn’t with XML the problem is with the way it is used (or rather misused). What are XMLs strengths: Valid files are definable. i.e. this element has a … Continue reading

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California is awesome for business ( The myth of the importance of low taxes)

Really how important is business taxes? I talk about the myth of low tax utopia in this post. The myth of the importance of low taxes I decided to write this because of yet another debate on Hacker News about … Continue reading

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Kitchen Experts of California: the official complaint letter

Update: 6 September 2016 I have had a number of people ask me about Kitchen Experts since I posted this. I honestly am extraordinarily surprised that they are still around. Questions: Q. How did your case turn out? A. I … Continue reading

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Even for the web the pain of installed software exists

Years ago I worked on code that was shipped to customers for them to install on their computers. THe amount of testing needed across all sorts of configurations was painfully and annoying. Then the web came along and life was … Continue reading

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A criminal says trust is stupid but security “experts” trust

Sam Antar, convicted white collar criminal, says trusting is stupid clearly and explicitly: President Ronald Reagan said: “Trust, but verify.” As a convicted felon, I say: “Don’t trust, just verify.” “Verify, verify, verify.” As a criminal, I considered people’s humanity … Continue reading

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Party like it’s 1611 aka living credit card and (dollar) bill-free

Late last year I found out from a friend that the U.S. Mint is making a strong effort to get the $1 Coin into circulation. For no shipping and handling fees, the U.S. Mint will send to consumers $1 Coins … Continue reading

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Internet businesses should pay sales tax

Update (15 April 2011) : O.k. boy did I miss the boat on this one. As as been pointed out in a series of comments on techcrunch ( I would post the link to the techcrunch post except with facebook … Continue reading

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Random notes about Google Doc Spreadsheet Web form lameness

I set up a Google Docs webform to allow parents in my kid’s classroom to enter the books their kids are reading. Here are some lameness notes about Google Docs Spreadsheet Webform that I found: Connecting a webform to a … Continue reading

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Pustulance, bile and falsehoods about online privacy from the WSJ

The WSJ spewed forth this bit of online privacy pustulance from an alleged “professor of economics”, Paul Rubin Paul Rubin’s falsehoods: Paul Rubin’s First Falsehood 1) Privacy is free. Many privacy advocates believe it is a free lunch—that is, consumers … Continue reading

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Facebook has bigger problems than “like” and “fans”

Recently Facebook has been making a series of “privacy” changes in order to better convert peoples relationships into Facebook’s money. Dennis Yu of blitzlocal made some very valid points about Facebook’s latest effort. Facebook is revisiting “like” and “fan pages”: … Continue reading

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