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  1. XML is not bad, just misused December 6, 2014

    Posted in rants, technical.

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  2. California is awesome for business ( The myth of the importance of low taxes) October 23, 2014

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  3. Kitchen Experts of California: the official complaint letter September 19, 2013

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  4. Even for the web the pain of installed software exists August 19, 2013

    Posted in amplafi, rants, software design, technical.

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  5. A criminal says trust is stupid but security “experts” trust September 8, 2011

    Posted in broken, rants, technical.

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  6. Party like it’s 1611 aka living credit card and (dollar) bill-free February 3, 2011

    Posted in political, random silliness, rants.

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  7. Internet businesses should pay sales tax January 30, 2011

    Posted in political, rants, social commentary.

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  8. Random notes about Google Doc Spreadsheet Web form lameness January 9, 2011

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  9. Pustulance, bile and falsehoods about online privacy from the WSJ August 30, 2010

    Posted in political, privacy, rants.

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  10. Facebook has bigger problems than “like” and “fans” March 30, 2010

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  11. Don’t let the lawyers run the business August 17, 2009

    Posted in amplafi, broken, starting a company.

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  12. Mac OSX — the most insecure OS around August 7, 2009

    Posted in broken, how to, technical.

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  13. The 100-hour work week myth July 5, 2009

    Posted in amplafi, management, rants, starting a company.

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  14. Open Message to the anti-tax crowd: move June 17, 2009

    Posted in political, rants.

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  15. Stations do NOT affect train speed June 15, 2009

    Posted in environment, high-speed-rail, political, random silliness, rants, transportation.

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  16. VCs: stop the false dichotomies May 27, 2009

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  17. Stop the privatization of social safety net! May 27, 2009

    Posted in political, rants.

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  18. Email/Calendar : Missing features May 17, 2009

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  19. Ad networks: missing features May 16, 2009

    Posted in amplafi, broken, marketing, rants, starting a company.

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  20. New media same as the old when it comes to getting facts wrong March 27, 2009

    Posted in environment, political, random silliness, rants.

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  21. Cry me a river March 26, 2009

    Posted in political, rants.

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  22. FAS157: VCs whining about what they have to do anyhow February 2, 2009

    Posted in funding, management, rants.

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