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Britian cancels runways because of global warming concerns

Its time to give up “binge flying” says the Conservative government: “The emissions were a significant factor” in the decision to cancel the runway-building plans, Teresa Villiers, Britain’s minister of state for transport, said in an interview. “The 220,000 or … Continue reading

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If you don’t vote, your opinion doesn’t matter. And sometimes you shouldn’t vote

(This post is related to management I promise! ) Robert Cruickshank over at the California HSR Blog whines about Palo Alto’s “undemocratic” democratic process: In short, it is becoming increasingly clear that Palo Alto’s planning and citizen engagement process is … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality is good for small businesses

Take Action The internet provider I use should ONLY provide the infrastructure to connect me with the Internet. As a business owner, I depend on skype / chat to conduct all my business dealings. My internet provider should not be … Continue reading

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Facebook has bigger problems than “like” and “fans”

Recently Facebook has been making a series of “privacy” changes in order to better convert peoples relationships into Facebook’s money. Dennis Yu of blitzlocal made some very valid points about Facebook’s latest effort. Facebook is revisiting “like” and “fan pages”: … Continue reading

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Funny article “Open Thread: There’s No Such Thing As Free Content”

Hah, funny article. It’s the usual rant that “someone” has to pay for the content. Someone, somewhere ends up putting out money for everything you do online, every piece of news you read, every Web app you use. It takes … Continue reading

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Pride before the fall?

Mark Z. (facebook) says everything should be public. Mark Z. does not know about Rebecca Schaeffer. Before she was murdered by a stalker, “no one” cared about the privacy issues around California selling driver license information to anyone. Before identity … Continue reading

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Diverging Diamonds: A great pedestrian idea!

NPR has an article up about Diverging Diamonds. While the Missouri Department of transportation talks about how this is great for vehicles, it is also great for pedestrians: all crossings can be signalled for long crossing times because pedestrians are … Continue reading

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Tell Jerry McNerney why we need health care reform

Help make the case for health care reform! Tell Jerry McNerney D-CA11 your story. This is mine: I am an entrepreneur starting my own company in Silicon Valley. I am reliant on expensive COBRA coverage for my own health care … Continue reading

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Self-sacrifice does not always come from a bullet

From an email: On Tuesday at 8 a.m., I will stand trial for speaking three truthful words: “I am gay.” On Tuesday, I will face a panel of colonels who will decide whether or not to fire me — to … Continue reading

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Open Message to the anti-tax crowd: move

Amazon’s definition of “unconstitutional” : “We don’t like it” I love all these people who whine about taxes. Don’t like taxes? Move to Somalia. No functioning government since Bush the First – a libertarian paradise. The anti-tax people complain about … Continue reading

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