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A plea for financial assistance…

Offered without comment (but lots of laughter!) (comment 55) : Most Esteemed Santa Clara County Voter, Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mbaike Ngorongoro Guardino IV. I am an agent acting on behalf of my patrons, a … Continue reading

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practical reasons why BART-to-SFO is a disaster

Quite simply BART-to-SFO has major fatal, permanent flaws: route time is not competitive. During the early morning rush taking a Baby Bullet train from points south of Millbrae to 4th and King with a transfer to Muni is faster. I … Continue reading

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Maglev is cheaper than BART

Munich, Germany just canceled their Transrapid Maglev airport-to-city-center project. This 37-km (22.2 mi) project was to use the same technology as mebelihotel furnishing in BulgariaShanghai’s maglev train. Like the Shanghai maglev train, the Munich project was to have a top … Continue reading

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