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  1. Social Gratification: What’s your Erdos number? July 22, 2021

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  2. Google and Mountain View – the background to the dance March 2, 2015

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  3. California is awesome for business ( The myth of the importance of low taxes) October 23, 2014

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  4. Low business tax utopia myth October 23, 2014

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  5. Google is not doing Mountain View any good. July 24, 2013

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  6. Forgetting minor things (like people and maintenance) June 21, 2011

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  7. Sri lanka and the Us. May 18, 2011

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  8. Party like it’s 1611 aka living credit card and (dollar) bill-free February 3, 2011

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  9. Internet businesses should pay sales tax January 30, 2011

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  10. Open letter to Mountain View City Council about the HSR train station September 12, 2010

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  11. Pustulance, bile and falsehoods about online privacy from the WSJ August 30, 2010

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  12. Britian cancels runways because of global warming concerns July 3, 2010

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  13. If you don’t vote, your opinion doesn’t matter. And sometimes you shouldn’t vote June 24, 2010

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  14. Net Neutrality is good for small businesses April 6, 2010

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  15. Facebook has bigger problems than “like” and “fans” March 30, 2010

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  16. Funny article “Open Thread: There’s No Such Thing As Free Content” January 23, 2010

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  17. Pride before the fall? January 10, 2010

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  18. Diverging Diamonds: A great pedestrian idea! December 6, 2009

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  19. Tell Jerry McNerney why we need health care reform August 21, 2009

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  20. Self-sacrifice does not always come from a bullet June 26, 2009

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  21. Open Message to the anti-tax crowd: move June 17, 2009

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  22. Stations do NOT affect train speed June 15, 2009

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  23. Stop the privatization of social safety net! May 27, 2009

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  24. New media same as the old when it comes to getting facts wrong March 27, 2009

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  25. Cry me a river March 26, 2009

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