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Interviewers: GDPR has taken away the “liability” excuse for not providing feedback

I find it puzzling that companies are not open to sharing what went into the “no hire” decision. The usual excuse is “liability”: Since many companies don’t share any kind of detailed post-interview feedback (beyond a yes/no) with candidates for … Continue reading

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Basic Interviewing Guidelines

Like all good meetings, an interview must have an agenda and an objective. Interview Objective Interviews are broken up in to different sessions. Determine the objective of each session ensures that all needed aspects of the position will be evaluated. … Continue reading

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What can we do as men to stop sexual harassment?

So Uber is the latest tech company to get called out about its poor handling of sexual harassment, Other companies have a sexual harassment problem. What can be done? For starters, it is a wonderful thing that these stories are … Continue reading

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Spotting a “crappy” boss in the interview

“My boss is an asshole” “My boss is the worst ever!” “If I had know he was this bad I would never have taken this position!” How many times have you felt this way? or have you heard your coworkers … Continue reading

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LinkedIn has lost its Vision

The Promise A few years ago, I worked at LinkedIn. At that time, Reid Hoffman had a very clear vision for LinkedIn. LinkedIn was “Resume 2.0” for the middle managers and the professional individual contributors who really make businesses function. … Continue reading

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Ask for code samples, skip the coding tests during the interview

I always ask for code samples when interviewing a new technical candidate. I rarely ask for people to code during an interview. Asking people to code well can easily become an exercise in how well they have a language memorized. … Continue reading

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Luddites are right

Timothy Geigner (giggling fool) gets a good titter in at Techdirt I love luddites. … Those examples aside, I have to admit this is a new one for me. Apparently there once were radios that you had to wind up … Continue reading

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To the Non-technical CEO: Thoughts about an early stage startup hiring a CTO

Open letter to the non-technical CEO looking for that magical technical CTO. At this stage, Only you can set absolute priorities (which features come before other features) Only you can determine relative priorities Only you can determine the MUP – … Continue reading

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Indifference to process leads to Mozilla contributor departing

Tyler Downer announced he was no longer contributing to Mozilla because the Mozilla bug triaging process was being sacrificed on the altar of “rapid release”. Tyler likes the idea of the Rapid Release, but rather the tools to handle bug … Continue reading

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When to change careers (for Fred Wilson)

Fred Wilson is wondering when to quit being a VC: I was thinking about going out on top. So few manage to do it. Shaq is warming the bench in Boston. Brett Favre should have called it quits after he … Continue reading

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