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Blake Commagere (Facebook App-Camp notes)


Blake Commagere
Founder, VP of Engineering & CMO
Mogad, Inc.

Create the Vampire App for Facebook platform. Also work heavily on the Causes Facebook application.

(Notes are raw and unedited, editing will occur as I get the chance!)

most people are using f8 for communications not business.

internet generations are much smaller than regular generations

english majors can do html
internet dating is casual to the kids today.
First porno, was probably digital.
70% are 18-35 f8 users

what people want has not changed in 5000 years but the manifestation

for example, don’t assume users are asexual.

for example, the wall — fundemental desire is validation – to feel important.

for example, friend count when friend count meaningful. (i.e. not 30K friends but 35 friends v. 50 friends)

social aspect of wall-to-wall communication : “john, lets have coffee” the public aspect of advertising that john and bob increased wall count. And john got validation by bob ask

wall is ordered by date with most recent — implecit ranking because Mike is cooler than Karl because Karl’s post is older (below) Mike’s wall post.

flirting happens with posts on wall posts

if a female posts on males’s wall — if a male other user posts above her. she is far less like to post again than if another female is posting.

for example in real -life if have female friend that is talking to another male. a male is likely to go up and talk to female just because ‘competition’

(from audience : f8 user) –
if she just met a guy in class – she would go to his facebook wall to see what kind of competition she has.

over 30% of profile views on linkedin profiles are to self — and this is just a resume.

having a girlfriend is important on f8

30% more like to get use apps if they have pimped their profile.

sales people try to create social obligation — that is why they send xmas cards.

blake — was lead developer on “Causes” (“Yellow bracelet” campaign was a way to self-identify with Lance armstrong) tried to do application with “Care badges” was unsuccessful in myspace but myspace shutdown widget spreading)

causes only exists in f8 — people do care about charities — “I donated $20 to a charity” 20-something don’t have time that they did in college and dont have money either to donate. But donating to causes is self-expression.

Users are “selfish”

(vampires – kicking around idea of creating that did nothing but spread — but not have any other value — i.e. but convert the act of inviting — make the advantage of inviting a core feature — makes it more viral)

anti-example : the quote applications .. no real benefit to inviting someone.

f8 poke — is not flirt — its a hey what’s up. I think someone is flirting with me because they are poking more frequency. “Do I poke them back right away, or do I wait — a day to say that I am cool and hip and I have lots of people poke back.) This is a friend validation. If they don’t get poked back, it says something.

If I post on your wall and you don’t– “oh you are private message’d from now on.”

voyear-istic measureable to see how flacky you are.

f8 photos are inferior to flickr but tagging in f8 automatically notifies your friends.

people look for their own photos first. and then the attractive people. People want to see themselfs

message has 2 barriers — the sender has to decide to send the app. The actual barrier is to the recieptant to accpt. You want them to feel cool.

People do things to benefit themselves first, their family/friends and lastly their community.

“Useful” apps run the risk of being boring.

f8 is not designed to get work done.

Causes has grown… but needed bizdev team and engineers — did a lot of work with companies. established relationship with just-give online charity and guidestar – to validate non-profits.

application, engagement, monetization. ( iterate with users get immediate feedback ) — right now

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