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  1. Border Collies : Who are your border collies on your team? August 25, 2022

    Posted in knowledge, management.

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  2. Social Gratification: What’s your Erdos number? July 22, 2021

    Posted in environment, political.

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  3. Autonomous vehicles are solving a hard non-existent problem December 11, 2018

    Posted in technical.

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  4. Interviewers: GDPR has taken away the “liability” excuse for not providing feedback October 30, 2018

    Posted in interviewing, management.

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  5. What is old is new again October 28, 2017

    Posted in technical.

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  6. What can men do to stop sexual harassment? February 20, 2017

    Posted in management.

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  7. Spotting a “crappy” boss in the interview April 7, 2016

    Posted in management.

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  8. LinkedIn has lost its Vision March 26, 2016

    Posted in great ideas, management, social commentary.

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  9. Will cosmic radiation impose a maximum on computer functionality? February 24, 2016

    Posted in technical.

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  10. Google and Mountain View – the background to the dance March 2, 2015

    Posted in political.

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  11. XML is not bad, just misused December 6, 2014

    Posted in rants, technical.

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  12. California is awesome for business ( The myth of the importance of low taxes) October 23, 2014

    Posted in marketing, political, rants.

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  13. Low business tax utopia myth October 23, 2014

    Posted in political.

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  14. Yerka – a great innovation on making a bicycle unstealable! August 22, 2014

    Posted in great ideas, random silliness.

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  15. Do not let client code pick ids July 31, 2014

    Posted in technical.

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  16. In praise of Javascript’s undefined July 17, 2014

    Posted in software design, technical.

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  17. Code review #10: No emailed code questions February 12, 2014

    Posted in code review, self improvement, technical.

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  18. Ask for code samples, skip the coding tests during the interview October 21, 2013

    Posted in management, technical.

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  19. The Dangers of Knight in Shining Armor and Princesses who need them October 20, 2013

    Posted in self improvement.

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  20. Kitchen Experts of California: the official complaint letter September 19, 2013

    Posted in rants.

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  21. Even for the web the pain of installed software exists August 19, 2013

    Posted in amplafi, rants, software design, technical.

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  22. Google is not doing Mountain View any good. July 24, 2013

    Posted in political.

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  23. SocialMarketing WordPress plugin version released June 1, 2013

    Posted in technical.

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  24. Quick and dirty upgrading a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) when then there is bad data April 27, 2013

    Posted in technical.

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  25. Does the javascript community have a repository April 4, 2013

    Posted in technical.

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