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Spotting a “crappy” boss in the interview

“My boss is an asshole” “My boss is the worst ever!” “If I had know he was this bad I would never have taken this position!” How many times have you felt this way? or have you heard your coworkers … Continue reading

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LinkedIn has lost its Vision

The Promise A few years ago, I worked at LinkedIn. At that time, Reid Hoffman had a very clear vision for LinkedIn. LinkedIn was “Resume 2.0” for the middle managers and the professional individual contributors who really make businesses function. … Continue reading

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Will cosmic radiation impose a maximum on computer functionality?

This IEEE article: How To Kill A Supercomputer: Dirty Power, Cosmic Rays, and Bad Solder — Will future exascale supercomputers be able to withstand the steady onslaught of routine faults? Cosmic rays are a fact of life, and as transistors … Continue reading

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Google and Mountain View – the background to the dance

Most commentators on Hacker News had incomplete / wrong information. Here is some basic background to help set the context. Google until recently basically ignored Mountain View south of 101. Until recently Google didn’t own anything south of 101. Google … Continue reading

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XML is not bad, just misused

There is the usual grumbling on Hacker News about XML The problem isn’t with XML the problem is with the way it is used (or rather misused). What are XMLs strengths: Valid files are definable. i.e. this element has a … Continue reading

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California is awesome for business ( The myth of the importance of low taxes)

Really how important is business taxes? I talk about the myth of low tax utopia in this post. The myth of the importance of low taxes I decided to write this because of yet another debate on Hacker News about … Continue reading

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Low business tax utopia myth

Really how important is business taxes? Here is the TL;DR: Businesses want the benefit of low taxes (lower immediate expenses) with the benefit of high taxes locations (government provide services that the business would otherwise have to pay). But low … Continue reading

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Yerka – a great innovation on making a bicycle unstealable!

What a great idea! For a thief to really profit from stealing this bike they have to do extra work. Plus they have to be willing to do this extra work while stealing the bike. They can’t just cut a … Continue reading

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Do not let client code pick ids

I am having a discussion over on Meteor Hacks about how bad it is to let the client code pick ids. The meteorhacks post shows how to make new items show up in a sample Meteor program before the server … Continue reading

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In praise of Javascript’s undefined

One of the unique[*] features of javascript is two different ways to represent ‘no value’: null and undefined. [*] = unique as many popular languages do not have both null and undefined. In my years and years of programming Java, … Continue reading

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