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about the advantages of ignoring persistence

So I am busy pounding out the code for what I hope will be my successful startup,  TransparentPolitics. I have been avoiding writing any code that is paying attention to saving data.

To date this has been a big advantage. It has allowed me to move methods and member variables around with no effort, something that is not possible if I have to redo any sort of database layer or hibernate configuration file. As a result, it has allowed me to focus on getting the UI flow right without any distractions. Getting the UI right has been important for producing a series of progressively more capable demonstrations.
This has made for some very agile programming. One of my research projects will be to figure out how to maintain that same agility once the database layer is in place.
Building a migration strategy into the code from the beginning could have a number of advantages, but that will be for later!

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