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about passion for the cause….

Buildcap is focusing on the non-profit space. This results in reading a bunch of blogs about non-profits, including this one about passion:

We need passion for the cause, passion for delivering real benefits to stakeholders.

Charity employees (and volunteers) need to be outward-looking, rather than inward-looking.

This is so true. We are currently searching for people who are passionate about saving the world or working with non-profits. This is our target market. To have someone onboard who is not passionate about making a difference is a complete waste. They are going to be a deadweight around our necks.

I don’t need them to be passionate about the company, I need for them to be passionate about saving the world. That passion will be aligned with our customers’ passions, our customers will see that and it will help BuildCap be successful as a wonderful side-effect.

We have had to pass on a number of qualified people simple because the passion was not there.

The backing blog entry is this

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