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a national health care system: good for business

What I told Obama about health care reform. Add your voice to mine please!

I have been working for 2 years on my own business. During this time frame my wife and I have had to pay for our own health care through COBRA. This expense is the second most expensive item in our budget ( our mortgage is our first ). These costs have significantly increased the chance that my business will fail and I will have to return join the ranks of the unemployed.

In my profession (internet software development) and the location (San Francisco Bay Area) being able to offer health care is mandatory. Because we do not have the budget to pay for health care, it is close to impossible to find anyone to help in the Bay Area. As a result, we have turned to overseas developers.

A quality national health care system will free up more people to explore starting their own business and building the U.S. economy. A national health care system is simply good business.

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