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Don’t jump into a project, wade in

When starting a new programming task (or company 😉 ), it is very tempting to just plunge in and start coding (or doing) right away. The release early-and-often mentality encourages this approach. Documentation becomes optional and design is seat-of-the-pants. Hard-lessons … Continue reading

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Privacy is best offline

Art Petty Eric Rodriguez has a blog post about being fired for what is said on Facebook.: Dan Leone is the perfect example; he was a stadium operations manager for the Philadelphia Eagles, and in 2009 when he found out … Continue reading

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How to change jobs and careers

A while ago I wrote this post about the elusive hunt for “rockstars” In it I had this table which showed things from the employers perspective: Good at doing Bad at doing Like to do “Rockstar” Sweet spot“future rockstars” Hate … Continue reading

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Checklist of things to do BEFORE starting your own company

Get incorporated as a California C corp ( $800 ). Reasons: Incorporating later can be time consuming/distracting. Procrastination makes for a harder job later. Enables taking any investment directly in the company, rather than as a personal loan. (i.e. company … Continue reading

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How to do “status meetings” right (aka avoiding “Death-by-Status”)

A truism in the start-ups v. “big” company battle is that start-ups have a big advantage because they don’t have to waste time in internal communication. Status meetings are quick and focused; not long-drawn out off-site affairs. However, many startups … Continue reading

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