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Internet businesses should pay sales tax

Update (15 April 2011) : O.k. boy did I miss the boat on this one. As as been pointed out in a series of comments on techcrunch ( I would post the link to the techcrunch post except with facebook … Continue reading

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How to do a redirect after POST

Continuing an StackOverflow answer: Its a little non-obvious but: create a keyed-object in the user session. the value is a Request + java Future for the result return immediately with a client-side redirect. while the client-side redirect is being handled, … Continue reading

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No sane business owner should depend on Google

Brad Feld reports that Foundry has switch to Google mail for their internal mail system. While he is pretty happy about the switch, he does have some major cautions for the rest of us (not as well connected types): We … Continue reading

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When to do asynchronous programming

Jose Maria Arranz has a post up about The “joy” of asynchronous programming. Jose’s key point is programmers are “reinventing the wheel”. By manually breaking tasks into a multi-threaded asynchronous/callback paradigm, programmers are reinventing the thread scheduling that the operation … Continue reading

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Handling a destructive Board Member

Steve Blank has a post about a problem an entrepreneur is having with a bad board member: I had coffee last week with one of my ex students. 30 months ago he raised a Series A venture round from two … Continue reading

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Random notes about Google Doc Spreadsheet Web form lameness

I set up a Google Docs webform to allow parents in my kid’s classroom to enter the books their kids are reading. Here are some lameness notes about Google Docs Spreadsheet Webform that I found: Connecting a webform to a … Continue reading

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