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How to do variable/conditional SQL sorting order of results

I was jazzed today. I figured out how to conditional order of SQL results. Specifically being able to vary change the sorting order within the results based on a database field. Specifically, Create two tables Main and Secondary create table … Continue reading

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User-Generated Content? Do not use BurstNET

A hosting provider, BurstNet, shut down a wordpress hosting service,, last week. This is an example of egregious abuse of power by BurstNET against hosts 70,000 wordpress blogs. Apparently, a few of those blogs had “an al-Qaeda … Continue reading

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Britian cancels runways because of global warming concerns

Its time to give up “binge flying” says the Conservative government: “The emissions were a significant factor” in the decision to cancel the runway-building plans, Teresa Villiers, Britain’s minister of state for transport, said in an interview. “The 220,000 or … Continue reading

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