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If you don’t vote, your opinion doesn’t matter. And sometimes you shouldn’t vote

(This post is related to management I promise! ) Robert Cruickshank over at the California HSR Blog whines about Palo Alto’s “undemocratic” democratic process: In short, it is becoming increasingly clear that Palo Alto’s planning and citizen engagement process is … Continue reading

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Where to start learning Java if you are a PHP person?

Over at StackOverflow, the question was asked : Where to start with Java when coming from PHP? PHP5 has the concept of objects, interfaces and exceptions. These are similar enough to Java’s version of objects, interfaces and exceptions for basic … Continue reading

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why people bother to interview here – if you can’t teach (Part 2)

Part 1 was a technical question that I ask because so many “strong” developers cannot answer that technical Java question. Part 2, is more about the valuable soft skill of teaching. One of my standard questions that candidates constantly struggle … Continue reading

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Multi-threaded Homework Problem

Occasionally I have been asked about learning multithreaded programming. My standard suggested problem is to create a “simplistic” TCP/IP block ordering library. This is a variant of the standard producer/consumer problem that shows up in interviews. This problem is a … Continue reading

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