Reasons 21-30 why social media is not replacing email

The boo-hoo email is dead nonsense post from the dead tree media.

The first 10 reasons why email is alive and well.

The reasons 11 through 20 why email is not going away.

And lastly reasons 21 through 30 why email is not going to be replaced by social media:

  1. Facebook / twitter can arbitrarily shut down your account ( and do! ) ( see why social media has no value post )
  2. Facebook users tend not to click on links that take them out of facebook.
  3. Email can be archived/transferred/downloaded. Facebook/myspace messages not so easy.
  4. facebook has “email” – enuf said.
  5. Social media not universally interoperable. ( Facebook user can not “email” a hi5 / myspace user ) – there will always be someone who you must communicate with that is not on the social media in question.
  6. No serious ability to manage large messages volumes ( i.e. folders/automatic rules/vacation response/forwarding based on rules)
  7. Privacy / access control – Would Apple use facebook to communicate internally about the next iPhone feature set — I don’t think so!
  8. Legal reasons — HIPPA privacy / SOX requirements.
  9. C-level people (CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, etc. ) unlikely to communicate via facebook. Hell you are lucky to reach them via email!
  10. Stigma/perceived purpose : social media is for “play” – email is for “serious work”
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