Blame. NO. Responsibility. YES!

When reaching for the stars, something will go wrong.

Rockets blow-up.
Servers crash.
Regressions happen.

How you handle the setbacks is critical. Blame is a useless response. Blame is negative. After blame has been assigned, the rocket is still in pieces, the server is still down, and the bug still exists.

Hire people that take RESPONSIBILITY for finding SOLUTIONS. Hire people that look to HELP others shoulder the RESPONSIBILITY to fire the problem. Hire people that look for ways to prevent a duplicate of the same problem.

Once the problem is fixed, do you and your company spend time praising the “firefighters” only? Do you spend any time praising the person who caused the fire but was RESPONSIBLE enough to step forward, admit the problem, and help fix it?

Do you take RESPONSIBILITY as a manager to give your people time to build a “sprinkler system” to put out a similar future fire?

The first “fire” might be caused by someone else’s carelessness. But the second fire is YOUR responsibility if you didn’t budget time and money for that “sprinkler system”.

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