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Tell Jerry McNerney why we need health care reform

Help make the case for health care reform! Tell Jerry McNerney D-CA11 your story. This is mine: I am an entrepreneur starting my own company in Silicon Valley. I am reliant on expensive COBRA coverage for my own health care … Continue reading

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Don’t let the lawyers run the business

This past weekend, my sysadmin ( James Sparenberg ) and I, were figuring out which cloud hosting service to use. We had been pitched a number of times by GoGrid. I had been given a “try us out” credit by … Continue reading

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Blame. NO. Responsibility. YES!

When reaching for the stars, something will go wrong. Rockets blow-up. Servers crash. Regressions happen. How you handle the setbacks is critical. Blame is a useless response. Blame is negative. After blame has been assigned, the rocket is still in … Continue reading

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Mac OSX — the most insecure OS around

A year ago, I gave up on Windows. I was tired of the nervous eggshell feeling with anti-virus software, security patches, and a machine that would mysteriously be slower and slower no matter what I did. Because of MacOSX Unix … Continue reading

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