Open Message to the anti-tax crowd: move

Amazon’s definition of “unconstitutional” :

“We don’t like it”

I love all these people who whine about taxes.

Don’t like taxes? Move to Somalia. No functioning government since Bush the First – a libertarian paradise.

The anti-tax people complain about taxes but want the benefits of:

  • a functioning University system so that there are high-quality people to work at your cool start-up
  • a public school system that at the very least keeps kids off the street. (50% of California’s budget)
  • roads
  • police
  • prisons ( 10% of California’s budget )
  • state parks
  • a functioning emergency system for the next airline crash or the next earthquake
  • airports
  • Caltrain
  • weights and measures people to make sure that when you buy a gallon of gas you get your full gallon
  • code enforcement to make sure a restaurant is not serving 3 month-old rotten meat and the kitchen is not infested with cockroaches
  • zoning enforcement that stops your neighbor from running a chicken farm
  • labor laws that stop child labor and insist that your employer actually has to *pay* you
  • SEC laws that require that companies follow GAAP
  • laws that allow lawsuits and action against companies when they pollute the water you drink

Next time you think that the government does nothing for you. Spend some time finding out how badly mainland China, Dubai, or Yemen allows the powerful to abuse everyone else.

I can go on and on.

But seriously, grow up. You want to live in a civilized society? expect to pay for it — it does not come for free.

Oh sure, it isn’t perfect — fine make it better.

As for me, I am happy to pay taxes and enjoy the best state (California) in the US. There is no way I would move to another state that has worse laws.

Update 1:

A few other “unnecessary services” from the government:

Move to Somalia. Avoid these annoying bureaucrats!

Meanwhile think about this:

  1. In the 70’s corporations paid 2/3 of the taxes, today after a full generation of the rich whining about taxes corporations pay 1/3 of the taxes.
  2. 30 years after Prop 13, the biggest beneficiaries of Prop 13 are corporations because they never, never sell property ( 99-year leases anyone? ).

All this anti-tax rhetoric has allowed corporations to shift the tax purden to the individuals.

Maybe it is time to wake-up about this scam and stop buying into the anti-tax rhetoric so blindly.

Update 2:
More from TechCrunch:

State governments assess “emergency” tax measures to get quick money because they can’t bear the thought of making the tough choices necessary to cut spending

Hmmm… so in hard economic times, when a social safety net is that much more important you want states to cut funding.

So from your perspective:

  • Unemployment insurance
  • Job retraining programs
  • Community Colleges
  • 4-year public universities
  • subsidized day care
  • subsidized elder care
  • Section 8 housing assistance
  • School lunch programs
  • morning/afternoon pre-/post- school day programs
  • community grants for starting a new business

Should all be cut.

Someone who has just been laid off can try to job hunt and compete with 500 applicants hoping they can keep their head above water economically;


they can return to school and complete their AA degree or the BS, or get their MBA using the above listed services to make it economically possible.

By providing these services, a state enables their citizens to be more valuable and more productive when the economy turns around.

The single mom ( or dad ) may start the downturn with no college education. Through the services listed above, this single parent could end up with a degree that will enable them to double their income. Or give them the skills to start their own business.

Yet you make the interesting choice that states should remove this opportunity to turn economic lemons into lemonade.

Interesting. I am curious why you think that a less-educated workforce is a good choice?

I should add that Herbert Hoover was wildly successful at cutting government spending in the Great Depression. I am curious do you think this was successful for him? If not how is the same approach going to be successful today?

Errata Note: Original post referred to Ethiopia. The correct country should have been Somalia. I usually know my geography much better. However, since Somalia now has a government (as of December 2008), the last John Galt paradise is gone. Thanks to Peter for pointing this error out.

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