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Self-sacrifice does not always come from a bullet

From an email: On Tuesday at 8 a.m., I will stand trial for speaking three truthful words: “I am gay.” On Tuesday, I will face a panel of colonels who will decide whether or not to fire me — to … Continue reading

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Open Message to the anti-tax crowd: move

Amazon’s definition of “unconstitutional” : “We don’t like it” I love all these people who whine about taxes. Don’t like taxes? Move to Somalia. No functioning government since Bush the First – a libertarian paradise. The anti-tax people complain about … Continue reading

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Stations do NOT affect train speed

Bullshit from an email thread and repeated constantly by the California High-Speed Rail Authority: “Other potential benefits are also intriguing: a probable economic windfall for several cities along the route . . .” and “There will be as many as … Continue reading

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