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VCs: stop the false dichotomies

What is with VCs and their false dichotomy when giving feedback about a company asking for funding: Say nothing about the team Be an asshole about how worthless the team is and their mothers should have had an abortion. VCs … Continue reading

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Stop the privatization of social safety net!

Can we stop the bleeding heart liberal who sees the symptom but the wrong solution? Problem: In the Great Depression unemployment in the U.S. peaked at 24.9% in 1933. Imperial County today has an unemployment rate of 26.9% closely followed … Continue reading

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a national health care system: good for business

What I told Obama about health care reform. Add your voice to mine please! I have been working for 2 years on my own business. During this time frame my wife and I have had to pay for our own … Continue reading

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Email/Calendar : Missing features

Continuing my “broken” series of things that everyone uses but no one fixes. Many of these missing features are email and calendar integration. Email. Much maligned. These are the key “broken”/ missing features. For some reason, not one major email … Continue reading

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Question :How to get and manage non-strategic multiple customer investment?

I am looking for people who have had success in converting customers into angel investors. I am *not* referring to strategic investors like Cisco. Background: I have a pitch that works very well when talking to customers. Prospects get and … Continue reading

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Ad networks: missing features

Ad networks missing features: Interconnection with bookmarking services Browser back button support Rich interaction Selective Memory Show different video ads Limit the ad selection Interconnection with bookmarking services You’ve interrupted me. The ad is interesting. Well-targeted. Good job. I am … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Gift giving: invert the money/time ratio

Rather than spend money this mothers day; try this: Spend the least money and the most time. For most gifts the ratio: money-spent /time-spent > 20. That is for every dollar spent only 1 hour was spent. Try reversing that … Continue reading

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