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New media same as the old when it comes to getting facts wrong

Once again “new” media reporters on blogs has proven no better at getting facts right than “old” media reporters. Mike Arrington over at TechCrunch gets a cheap laugh at a proposal to “ban black cars” by the California Air Resources … Continue reading

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Cry me a river

[Crossposted from my comments over on Fred Wilson’s blog] Sorry Fred — “Financial McCarthyism” ? McCarthyism was tarring the innocent with innuendo to ruin the accused lives. What is happening now is anything but. AIG, Merrill Lynch, Bank Of America, … Continue reading

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Code Review #8: When to comment

The last ? in a series of posts about commenting. See “the why”. See “not commenting is career threatening”. And the comment that started this off! This post should have really been the second one I wrote. The first post … Continue reading

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Why and when to wrap external library classes

At some point, every developer starts using an external library. They then have to decide if that external library should be wrapped in their own custom interfaces and classes. If the external library would be pervasively imported in throughout the … Continue reading

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Interfaces vs. abstract classes

Sigh … some people just don’t get it…. 😛 Interfaces rock! Below is my comment from, a question about how to handle the “interfaces v. abstract classes” interview question in an interview. First, the “only one super class” answer … Continue reading

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Third person in the room

Passion is a wonderful thing. When someone is “wrong” about a subject that you care passionately about, it is natural to argue with them and try to “prove” to them that they are wrong. Don’t. Mentally step back. Look around. … Continue reading

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Code Review #7 – Comment the “why” not the “what”

[This post continues the response to Mike.] Clean “good” code is good but not enough. Code needs comments — but the right kind of comments. “What” comments are useless and the most quickly out-dated. An example of a what comment … Continue reading

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Not commenting code is dangerous to your career

There is this myth that code can be self-documenting and that comments are not necessary in good code. Michael recently comment on an earlier blog post advocating the idea of self-documenting code. “Self-documenting” code is a career-damaging concept, because: Your … Continue reading

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Grow your own rockstar

I have interviewed hundreds of people, technical and otherwise. I have managed a few as well. Most interviewers do not realize that there is no “best” candidate on an absolute scale. The rockstar at Google may absolutely fail to fit … Continue reading

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