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Empathy and professional victims (reply to Jason Calacanis)

Jason Calacanis’ recent email (“We Live in Public (and the end of empathy)” ) talked about the lack of empathy and caring on the internet. Empathy has been taking a hit for a long time. Remember that seeing executions used … Continue reading

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My anti-consumer new years resolution

Whereas, After getting billions in taxpayers’ money, the banks are screwing consumers. Yesterday, I got my version of that. Chase bank decided to unilaterally tacked on fees to a credit card account. These fees are simply because I am maintaining … Continue reading

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MacOSX and hostname

h/t Larry Gordon (copied because I want to make sure I always have it available): When I log into the network at my job my Mac’s hostname always turns to: I have my local hostname set to: larryx.local So … Continue reading

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What don’t you know?

The next interview question for the “highly” qualified person: What don’t you know? As Seth Godin pointed out, many people from successful organizations think the organization’s success is due to their efforts, when they may have little to do with … Continue reading

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The death of Taiwan airlines

Once again, trains are not obsolete, merely neglected: To many in western Taiwan, the commencement of the Taiwan High Speed Rail last January ushered in a new era of fast and convenient travel between the north and south of the … Continue reading

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decline and fall of the Republicans

My favorite economist, Paul Krugman writes: I think this is part of a broader picture: the GOP that’s left after this election will probably be even further off in right field, even further out of touch with the rest of … Continue reading

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Christmas present requests

Miss A (5 years old) wants: “A singing doll that has a toilet” — apparently the doll gets inspiration from certain …ehem… daily activities. (6 Dec 2008)

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