“Wasting fuel” option myth

How come otherwise intelligent people assume that fuel inefficiency is a desired feature in cars, SUVs, and trucks?

Do SUV buyers go to dealers and look for the car with the LEAST fuel efficiency?

Car salesperson: Hi, can I help you?

SUV buyer: Yes, I am looking for a vehicle that gets less than 11mpg. The Honda dealer across the street has a truck that gets 12mpg and I am looking for something that gets even lower mpg. Can you help me?

Car salesperson: Well of course! With this F-6705 we include a trailer hitch and matching trailer of concrete. We guarantee that that your mpg will be 4 mpg or lower!

SUV buyer: Dang! Where do I sign!

The reality is that if a consumer could buy a F150 that got 50mpg, they would buy it!

Since when is wasting money a optional “feature”?

Separate out the desire for big vehicles from the NON-desire to spend money on gas!

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