California High-Speed Rail go direct to SFO

Clem is talking about how hard Millbrae is thanks to Quentin Kopp’s mucked up “leadership” when the original BART-to-SFO disaster was “designed” and built.

Now with California High-Speed Rail a real possibility, CHSRA should just do what should have been done all along. Route Caltrain (and now HSR) to SFO.

This map shows how it can be done right:

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  • Problematic stations are avoid ( South San Francisco, San Bruno, Millbrae, Broadway).
  • Problematic 70-mph San Bruno Curve avoid (+ thorny question of taking someone’s house).
  • Direct SFO stop
  • A unified People Mover, BART, Caltrain/HSR stop — people coming from the East Bay (Oakland Airport??) would have little to no transfers.
  • The Baby Bullet trains would now also be a Airport Express train for people coming from the South Bay/Peninsula. (instead of the 33-step Millbrae disaster)
  • More of a direct connection to the actual terminal the passenger is flying into /out of.
  • Airport workers from the Peninsula/South Bay could now take a single train to get to work — instead of 33-step Millbrae disaster.
  • Update: Also this avoids fighting with 4 cities ( Burlingame, Millbrae, San Bruno, South San Francisco) as impacts to those cities are avoid almost entirely.

Is this likely to happen?

Well considering that Quentin Kopp is running CHSRA

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