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privatize only what…

Over at they are talking about how bad Bush the Lesser has made the air traffic control system. One of the many “wonderful” ideas was privatization. In the argument about bigger government and private enterprise, people miss the key … Continue reading

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Look dad, there is frosting on the grass! Frosting the snowman…. – The kids … got to love them!

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Peak oil: Long-term price of oil is $0/barrel

Every time the price of oil drops, the oil ostriches claim that the price drop “proves” that Peak oil does not exist. However, just like gravity which exists no matter what we want to “believe”, peak oil is a reality. … Continue reading

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California High-Speed Rail go direct to SFO

Clem is talking about how hard Millbrae is thanks to Quentin Kopp’s mucked up “leadership” when the original BART-to-SFO disaster was “designed” and built. Now with California High-Speed Rail a real possibility, CHSRA should just do what should have been … Continue reading

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“Wasting fuel” option myth

How come otherwise intelligent people assume that fuel inefficiency is a desired feature in cars, SUVs, and trucks? Do SUV buyers go to dealers and look for the car with the LEAST fuel efficiency? Car salesperson: Hi, can I help … Continue reading

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