We need Mars

Ronald Mirman = Completely missing the point.

What a complete m*r*n!

“Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men.”
–Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Dreaming of going to Mars, focuses and inspires humans. We need big dreams to accomplish anything! Everything you listed is not an inspirational dream that will inspire and motivate people to greatness.

Maybe Mars, isn’t the thing to inspire us to greatness… but maybe it is!

But lets think about what the inspiration to greatness that Mars could result in:

  • A multinational effort
  • Work on bio-manipulation so that astronauts could withstand radiation exposure
  • Work on determining how bears hibernate and apply that to humans.
  • Determine how salamanders regenerate limbs so that any space accidents suffered by the astronauts can be self-repairing.
  • Work on increasing the ability of astronauts to function in a low O2 atmosphere
  • Determine how to prevent muscular and skeletal degeneration in a low-g environment.
  • Work on cellular regeneration to avoid possibility of a severe injury destroying the mission.
  • Enable humans to digest and process more food.
  • Enable humans to create a lichen-like symbiotic relationship with algae so that humans can create some of their own food directly from grow lamps and their own CO2.

Freaking dream big!

In short — reaching for Mars may be the inspiration that results in humans bioengineering their own evolution.

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