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Early death predicted!

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Chris Anderson and the wrong tail of energy security

Chris Anderson is on such the wrong track about energy security. He does get the idea of reducing Vehicle Miles Traveled. Anything we can do to reduce the miles that need to be traveled to accomplish a task will lead … Continue reading

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High-Speed Rail and the “Reason” Foundation.

Here is what the “Reason” Foundation says about High Speed Rail: If you don’t want to read the whole thing: a Highway project in Massachusetts ended up cost more money than planned for — as we all know highway projects … Continue reading

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A plea for financial assistance…

Offered without comment (but lots of laughter!) (comment 55) : Most Esteemed Santa Clara County Voter, Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mbaike Ngorongoro Guardino IV. I am an agent acting on behalf of my patrons, a … Continue reading

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Seth Godin is wrong, n00bies are everyone.

Boy when Seth Godin gets it wrong he really gets it wrong. Seth postulates that people should be willing to ignore n00b (new) customers or decide that some people are not a good customer fit for a product because they … Continue reading

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