Trains beat planes — everywhere.

Top-speed: 574.8 kmh (357.16 mph) for the train (V150) in the video.

Amtrak sucks and the U.S. has no idea what trains could do.

Some perspective: New York to Los Angeles: 2792 miles.

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Time for the V150 – 7h 48min. Remember it does not have to stop for anything (Does not need fuel).

Flight time today – assuming no delays (haha) :

362min 6h 2min (flight time)
120min 2hrs (suggested time to arrive at airport)
15min (time the flight is allowed to be late and still be considered on time
8h 17min Assuming no delays!

But lets talk about delays. Go here to see what the delays are today. On July 30, 2008 — every single airport was experiencing major delays. There were no exceptions. On my recent flight from San Francisco to Austin, Tx, we were delayed by over 2 hours because of a little bit of ground fog.

Its time to recognize that trains can compete with planes everywhere connected by land (or Chunnel).

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