CAFE and 1950’s refrigerators

An open letter to the people who want to burn gas wantonly:

Do you complain about how you can’t buy the refrigerator you want because of those EnergyStar ratings? Do you feel like you have to setting for a smaller refrigerator? A refrigerator that doesn’t keep your meat and milk as safe?

Why not? Refrigerator manufacturers have been repeatedly forced to increase their energy efficiency. Yet no one seems to miss those sweet 1950’s turbo iceboxes of yesteryear.

All CAFE is is EnergyStar for cars. Just like with refrigerators — the good manufacturers will rise to the challenge and the rest will die.

Detroit had their warning in the late 70’s I lived in Michigan then. 25% unemployment in Flint, MI. No one would take checks. Foreclosures. Crime. A local Great Depression.

Honda, a motorcycle manufacturer, came out with the Honda Civic. My family brought one and drove it south to visit my grandparents. (If you can imagine 5 people in a car the size of a Honda Fit – my yongest sister was on my mom’s lap!)

My grandpa worked as a draftsman for 30 some years at Chrysler. My grandpa said (and this is in the 70’s), “This is the future – Detroit should be building these cars. They are dying and they just don’t know it yet”.

CAFE won’t kill Detroit. CAFE will shake up Detroit and challenge them to improve their product.

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