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will we see the first truly integrated transportation company?

Expanding on my comment over here: This is the reason why contrary to years past – the airlines may be very open to the idea of running the HSR system as a substitute for running the competing planes. At the … Continue reading

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practical reasons why BART-to-SFO is a disaster

Quite simply BART-to-SFO has major fatal, permanent flaws: route time is not competitive. During the early morning rush taking a Baby Bullet train from points south of Millbrae to 4th and King with a transfer to Muni is faster. I … Continue reading

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Paul Graham’s “Messages from cities”

Interesting post from Paul Graham about the message and measure of success that different cities send. This is my comment: To the inverse question is also very interesting.- Specifically, what if a city *does not* send a message? To me … Continue reading

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